Thursday, 14 December 2017

How Google AMP Project Affecting On Mobile Search And SEO.

It is a known fact that on October 2015 Google has announced AMP as an open standard for advertisers, which help pages get loaded on mobile phones at a lightning speed. With the launch of Google AMP, an immediate need raised for companies to make their mobile website AMP compliant. According to various researches, since AMP’s official roll out, over 2 billion document over web has been made AMP compliant, earlier it was just 600 million. Besides, it has been noted that domains, which consists of AMP Web Pages has also increased to 900,000 including major domain names such eBay, Word Press to name a few.

Pros and Cons of Google AMP
Ø  Mobile content loads at a lightning speed which acts as a plus point to many web design companies
Ø  The mobile content may appear in a special carousal during organic search. This factor is essential for web design service providers
Ø  One of the important factors for mobile natural search results is "mobile friendliness" and you can't get friendlier than AMP.
Ø  Implementation of the changes required to make your mobile content "AMP friendly" is fairly mild.

Ø  It should be noted that the load time doesn’t affect the page ranking. So if you are expecting a better page ranking, your expectations will go vain
Ø  You need to have an elite team who need to implement the right strategy; otherwise effort towards utilizing this benefit can’t be noticed. Sometimes, hiring a talented web design agency works better who understand the importance of Google updates and know when and where to implement the same
Ø  One should note that all content do not work for AMP. For instance, if your website is completely focused on videos and contains less content, even after implementing AMP, your webpage still takes time to load

How Does AMP Affects SEO

Greater click-through rate: If your content is shown in the carousel, it will have substantially higher reach, which will improve the probability of a reader visiting your site. Getting visitors to your website is a makes you win half of the batter, and the carousel will positively help with that.

Increased Brand Control: When content is shown in the carousel, it instantly gives readers the feeling that it is of high calibre – for why else would Google show at the highest point of their SERP?
In the event that you get your content showed on the carousel, you'll help enhance your brand’s power, which builds trust instantly. Trust is, obviously, imperative to catch your leads.

A greater increase in ad click through rate: As your AMPed content has more perspectives and due to the brand expert that being shown in the carousel; readers are substantially more influenced to tap on the promotions on your AMP pages than on non-AMP pages.

Enhanced User Experience
Despite the fact that cell phones have been around throughout recent years, the online experience can in any case be truly spotty. More than 50 percent of businesses are performed on mobile – and a significant number of those pursuits are performed locally while on the run.
Individuals using smart phones don't have a similar time available to access a website as individuals sitting before desktops. This implies they are more likely to go to a site and hold up more than a couple of moments for it to stack.

By executing AMP and getting content showed in the carousel, users can access your website instantly with a very less and this can act as or cash point for many businesses. In the event that they like what they find in the carousel, at that point they can visit your actual website.
Eliminating stacking time is the main advantage that enhances client portable experience. Websites that aren't optimized for mobile use will take an unending length of time to stack and will be shown dishonorably on littler screens.

Going by these locales, which might stack extra illustrations and recordings, can gobble up battery life and devour more portable information. At this point, readers definitely maintain a strategic distance or go for the content that appears on carousal. 

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

How a SEO friendly website can change your Business?

An organization’s webpage is the front line communication that happens with its customers. Technology is constantly striving to make this communication an effective two way communication so that such communication can generate positive leads for the organization. If the visitor to your website finds your webpage/s interesting and useful, only then would he/she give it a try to understand your service offering. But interestingly, whether or not the visitor searching for relevant information would be able to reach your website is decided by our very loyal technology Partner “Mr. Google.” While we speak about Mr. Google, there are other search engines too in the market. However, Mr. Google is synonymous for the word search engine and thus represents the entire clan.

So that Mr. Google picks up your website and recommends it among the top searches when a visitor wants to search relevant information is tricky and it does take a lot to impress Mr. Google. All these impressing techniques are known as SEO services or Search Engine Optimization techniques.

Specialized and professional SEO companies hire specialized SEO experts in order to create the best SEO optimized and SEO friendly website for your organization.

How a SEO Friendly Website can change your business can be answered by just one example, that of a shop which is located on the main road where the footfall is high and not restricted merely to the locality it is situated in and the same shop being located within a street where footfall is restricted to the locality alone. Obviously, the shop in the former position would do business comparatively much better than the later one since it is visible to far more people than restricting it to the locality of known people alone. One of the most important benefits of having a SEO friendly website is generating leads.
Just like in case of direct marketing, active leads generation is the first step towards marketing a product over the virtual platform. These active leads generated by the increase in number of visitors are then processed to convert them into actual sales by a SEO agency. Apart from generating leads, some other benefits of having an SEO friendly website include increasing return on investments for the organization, increasing traffic to your website, increasing brand credibility of the organization, and gaining a competitive edge over your competitors.
SEO Experts manage your on page SEO. It helps in optimizing individual web page so that the search ranking of the website can increase and generate higher traffic to your website. You can also avail custom website designing and development following the SEO guidelines so that you can reap the full benefits of your web search and web position.
Happy SEO branding!!!

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Now customers are just a click away

Things change fast and so do the way of shopping and hence you need to change the way of your business promotion if you want to stay in the business and generate more revenue. Search Engine Optimization is another classic way of showcasing your products to the users.

There are average 10 search results that come up on a search engine page and if you want to get a place there, SEO solutions are your key. How? Let us checkout.

Improve volume of traffic

A SEO service company increases the number of visits to your website through natural or algorithmic search results. The SEO experts use some targeted keywords which are mostly used by online users to search details on the internet and when these power words are used in your website the probability of getting your website as a search result increases and hence you get more users on your website. SEO solutions include different kinds of search, like searching of images, local searches and industry specific vertical searches. SEO service firms fixes the structure of your website, site codes and also presentation to ensure that your website is ranked high in the search engines.

Improve quality of traffic

Now just getting users on the site is not enough, your targeted customer base should visit the site to ensure that you get more sales. Extensive research is one of the key ways to understand your customer preferences. A local SEO service agency is not only affordable but also more capable to understand local customer preferences and hence transforms your website in such a way using SEO that you get visitors who are interested to buy from you. SEO uses Content Management System (CMS) to make your webpage informative, quick and easily readable to keep users stick to it; surveys show that a user abandons a website if it is too slow or not easy to navigate.

Some of the SEO tools used at present are

·         Using algorithms
·         Keyword Research
·         Plagiarism Check
·         Validation of text links and sitemap
·         Optimization of title tags and meta descriptions
·         Repair website errors
·         Testing load time of a page
·         Analyzing a webpage and identifying its loopholes

Now you can get cheap affordable SEO services in India itself and hence if you are just a starter or a small company, skeptical of the charges of SEO services, shun the fear and engage a SEO service firm today.

Monday, 10 April 2017

Smitten users with your stunning website? Go for website development

Websites is a common word these days. Whenever you want knowledge of any product or service, you visit websites, get information and then decide whether to buy it or not. Hence, it is quite clear that websites are powerful tools of revenue generation and hence website development requires master consultation. Engage a web development service company to help you out in this regard in the following ways.


Web development services include creating a new website for you. You just need to provide your business details and expectations from the website to the developer and your website will be ready in just few days. For example, if you are looking to update your website on constant basis, the web development service agency will help you get a WordPress website, which is easy to be updated through blogs, articles, teachings, newsletters and quotes.


Web development company knows the right colors for the right subjects and hence engaging a professional means you are applying the right theme to highlight your products and services in the most professional and attractive way.The development also involves in building the website mobile friendly. Every website should be compatible on any screen size; it should fit on a smartphone and on a desktop to get maximum users. A web development service firm helps you build mobile apps and to make your website easily viewable on any gadget.

Web development services also involve building ecommerce sites. These sites have more requirements as people must find these reliable to enter their card details. From developing customized ecommerce site to handling Google AdWords Campaign, from installing multiple shopping carts on the site to coordinating with trusted payment gateways, web development services include all.


A web development agency also helps you to maintain your website throughout the year. Through their Content Management System (CMS) a web development firm keeps the content on the site fresh. They also use tools like Pay per Click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to popularize the website on search engines and give it top rankings. Technology and the way of internet surfing is changing every day and engaging a web development company assures you that your website is re-vamped with changing needs of the customers. An expert website developer uses latest frameworks like PHP enhances system performance.

Hence join hands with a premium web development agency and see your website transform into a shopping arcade.

Monday, 20 March 2017

Design your future business along with your website.

Website designing is not an option but a mandatory part of website development and digital marketing. It revolves around-

Creating Wireframes

This is like getting the foundation of your web space ready. Professional web designing solutions involves create a wireframe and represent it to you before designing your website; this is a bare bone representation of the site, made of grey scale boxes and blocks of placeholder text. As wireframes are void of colors and designs, it is easy to identify the flaws of the site and make necessary changes.

Designing User Interface

A web designing company creates customized user interfaces to suit business needs and help you add dialogs, notifications and preferred menu to your site. User interactions differ and a web designing service firm has both pre-built and unique UI components, like layout objects and UI controls which can be used to develop UI for both mobile applications and websites.

Creating Wireframes

This is like laying fountain of your web space. 

Designing Web Template

From choosing color schemes to apt fonts to using catchy taglines, a web designing service agency helps you to design your website as per your need, targeting your customer base. Choosing the right color sets the mood of your website and a web designing company selects colors based on your objectives from the website and based on your customer base. For example, an event management website will differ from a manufacturing industry website; but both needs to look attractive in own ways and should be informative. On the other hand, if your website is for young users you need to select bold colors. An ideal template gives importance to the prominent aspects of the website and determines how the users or site-visitors should use these.

Researching the Typography

It is important that your website is not overcrowded with images and there is enough space for users to go through the site content. A web designing agency ensures that the website is easy to read and follows hierarchy and structure with the content; for example, using caps and a larger font to highlight titles and subtitles. The website designer creates the right contrast, chooses the right background and takes cares of every other minute detail, like line spacing and line height to help the readers with the text. 

So, breathe fresh air into your website with decent website designs provided by the premium web designing services.

Monday, 6 March 2017

Looking for an attractive website? Here are the ways

Websites are the latest trends in digital marketing due to the varied and huge amount of information that is available at these sites with great ease. There are very less organizations in this world who do not want to tap the benefits of digital marketing and hence you have lot of competitors round you with their stunning websites to grab your customers. How to sustain in such a dynamic world? Get a effective and stunning website for your own business, as simple as that. But how? Let us check out.

Focus on Site Navigation

This is one of the key areas that you need to focus to keep the customers glued to the site. If users are not able to get information easily on the sites they will switch off to other websites. A web designing service provider helps you get a website with easy navigation access.

Focus on Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Web designing is just not about a good-looking site but also about getting it highlighted at the search engines. Until and unless the website is reflected at higher positions in the search engines it is not going to get enough traffic. Web designing services also involve optimizing the site for search engines with powerful content.

Look for Compatibility

The website should also be compatible on smartphones, tablets and computers. Web designing service company ensures that the site is a perfect fit on any kind of device, has multi browser compatibility, CSS markup and social media compatibility.

Make it Impressive

Users like lively images and hence a web designing service company makes the site attractive with high quality photographs, bright fonts and catchy taglines.

Also, you should engage a website designing service provider to understand the future needs of design and maintenance of the website. 

Monday, 20 February 2017

Why you need professional web development service Company

Web development is no easy task if you are using it for commercial purpose. A website development service company can help you out with their cutting edge technology in the following ways.

Provide End to End Solutions

Engaging full website development services means you can get complete solution to your web development needs. From framing the layout of your website to providing content to it everything is done under the single roof. This saves time of contacting and engaging several service providers; moreover, when you are getting services from single place the package is much more economical than what it is from any other service provider.

Provide Flexible Solutions

A website development service provider is experienced and skilled in handling different kinds of business and even if you are not aware about how to promote your goods and services online, they are. This helps you get one of the best websites and keep pace in the digital world with your competitors. moreover, they can handle any size projects, that is, suppose you are a startup and have limited needs; they can build a stunning website in the same way. If your website starts paying off well and you want to expand your digital business, the same website development service provider can cater to your rising demands.

Provide Mobile Applications

This is an important part of digital marketing as most of the users surf the internet on the go. If your website is not compatible on mobile phones and tablets, the traffic on your website will be less. Professional website development company have specialized people who can develop multi-platform mobile apps for iPhones, iPad, Android, Blackberry and Windows. They can also develop custom business to business (b2b) apps to address your unique business requirements.

Thus engage a website development service provider to concentrate to the core jobs that you do and leave the digital marketing part in the hands of the experts.

Monday, 6 February 2017

Create your digital marketing space today

World is growing at a fast pace and hence people are changing the way of doing business to keep pace with the changing world. With more users going online, digital marketing has gain immense importance in recent days. So, if you want a cost-effective business solution, instead of having a retail space create your online space. But as the competition is high grabbing user’s attention is not that easy? A website development service company helps you in getting appropriate traffic in the following ways.

Choosing a proper platform

You should choose a platform and tool which supports all open source systems to reach a wide customer base. The programming language also plays a pivotal role in making the website easily understandable to the customers. These websites can create both static and dynamic websites as per your requirement. A website development service firm is aware of these platforms and tools and hence join hands with one such organization to reflect your objectives through the website and attract global customers.

Develop Applications

Now people just do not surf net over their computers or laptops; as per a recent survey most of the online transactions take place on the go. With more people using mobile applications, it has become important that you have your business app. Professional website development service Agency include development of a mobile application which is compatible with both high end and standard smartphones; from android, blackberry, iPhones to windows phones.

Ensure Security

With the popularity of online shopping and transactions, the threat of hacking has also increased. A web development service company builds a robust and secure website on your behalf so that your customers can transact online without any fear.

Enhance Functionality

Last but not the least; a web development service company does content management on your behalf. Content Management System (CMS) is required so that users can view fresh and relevant content regarding your products and services. CMS includes managing, publishing and modifying website content.

A website can yield good results in business and revenue if it is professionally made and maintained. So, get in touch with a web development service company to get good business.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

How can website development change the face of your business?

Website development is one of the most important aspects of digital marketing. These days, people prefer to check out the features of a product online before going to the shop and buying it, while some even go for online buying as it is both time and cost saving. Keeping pace with the changing mindset of the customers, various companies have started building their own websites. Hence an online user has lot of options to choose from and if your website is not able to stand out of the crowd then it will not get much traffic. This is where a website development service provider comes to assistance. How? Let us checkout.

Content Management Solution (CMS)

You may have lot to say about your products and services. But how much is important to the customers and what is going to interest them? Professional web development services keep these questions in mind while managing your content and hence you only put up relevant and interesting facts on your website for the customers.

Domain Services

Which domain is best for you? Which domain is economical? These questions are best answered by a website development company. They have sound knowledge about the web world and hence you can choose the best domain and hosting services, enjoying best deals.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Lot many websites are saying the same thing as your website and selling the same products as you do. Hence if the content of your website is not powerful enough to bring your site on top of the searches through the search engines (Google, Bing and others), there is very less chance of getting good traffic. The web development service company that you engage creates content with power words (like why, what, how and many more) and your website gets featured at top of the search engines.

Website development is easy but getting an effective website is not that easy. Get professional website development firm to make your website efficient and effective.

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Website Development- The Key to Digital Marketing

Be it export houses, social organizations, trading houses, manufacturing units or event management groups, having a website of your own is essential to promote your business digitally. Professional web development services can help you in digital marketing in the following ways.

Easy to use interface
A website development service provider helps you get an easily accessible user interface. Users are prone to shift from one site to another very quickly if they do not find interest or if it is difficult to find desired content on the site. Hence give an easy to go experience to users with a comfortable interface.
Customized URL
Online users are skeptical about making transactions on websites and hence if you do not have a customized URL the possibilities of getting more sales may reduce. A website development company helps you get a customized URL at an affordable rate which increases the reliability of your site to the visitors.
Get a streamlined website
There is no doubt about the fact that you value each of your product but it may not be so in the current market. User preferences change with time and hence you may be at fix sometimes deciding which products should be featured on the main page and which should be kept in sub-categories. A web development service company takes an unbiased decision on your behalf and helps you keep information and product details at appropriate places of your website; displaying products at proper sections of the website can increase the visits and sales on your site. Similarly, removing obsolete and least popular products from the website is important to ensure good health of your website. Website development agency also include this service. The website development team deactivates obsolete items from the site and also helps you maintain inventory of stocks.

Choose a website development service provider who will be responsible for finishing the assignments on time and accountable for all the changes made on your website.