Thursday, 14 December 2017

How Google AMP Project Affecting On Mobile Search And SEO.

It is a known fact that on October 2015 Google has announced AMP as an open standard for advertisers, which help pages get loaded on mobile phones at a lightning speed. With the launch of Google AMP, an immediate need raised for companies to make their mobile website AMP compliant. According to various researches, since AMP’s official roll out, over 2 billion document over web has been made AMP compliant, earlier it was just 600 million. Besides, it has been noted that domains, which consists of AMP Web Pages has also increased to 900,000 including major domain names such eBay, Word Press to name a few.

Pros and Cons of Google AMP
Ø  Mobile content loads at a lightning speed which acts as a plus point to many web design companies
Ø  The mobile content may appear in a special carousal during organic search. This factor is essential for web design service providers
Ø  One of the important factors for mobile natural search results is "mobile friendliness" and you can't get friendlier than AMP.
Ø  Implementation of the changes required to make your mobile content "AMP friendly" is fairly mild.

Ø  It should be noted that the load time doesn’t affect the page ranking. So if you are expecting a better page ranking, your expectations will go vain
Ø  You need to have an elite team who need to implement the right strategy; otherwise effort towards utilizing this benefit can’t be noticed. Sometimes, hiring a talented web design agency works better who understand the importance of Google updates and know when and where to implement the same
Ø  One should note that all content do not work for AMP. For instance, if your website is completely focused on videos and contains less content, even after implementing AMP, your webpage still takes time to load

How Does AMP Affects SEO

Greater click-through rate: If your content is shown in the carousel, it will have substantially higher reach, which will improve the probability of a reader visiting your site. Getting visitors to your website is a makes you win half of the batter, and the carousel will positively help with that.

Increased Brand Control: When content is shown in the carousel, it instantly gives readers the feeling that it is of high calibre – for why else would Google show at the highest point of their SERP?
In the event that you get your content showed on the carousel, you'll help enhance your brand’s power, which builds trust instantly. Trust is, obviously, imperative to catch your leads.

A greater increase in ad click through rate: As your AMPed content has more perspectives and due to the brand expert that being shown in the carousel; readers are substantially more influenced to tap on the promotions on your AMP pages than on non-AMP pages.

Enhanced User Experience
Despite the fact that cell phones have been around throughout recent years, the online experience can in any case be truly spotty. More than 50 percent of businesses are performed on mobile – and a significant number of those pursuits are performed locally while on the run.
Individuals using smart phones don't have a similar time available to access a website as individuals sitting before desktops. This implies they are more likely to go to a site and hold up more than a couple of moments for it to stack.

By executing AMP and getting content showed in the carousel, users can access your website instantly with a very less and this can act as or cash point for many businesses. In the event that they like what they find in the carousel, at that point they can visit your actual website.
Eliminating stacking time is the main advantage that enhances client portable experience. Websites that aren't optimized for mobile use will take an unending length of time to stack and will be shown dishonorably on littler screens.

Going by these locales, which might stack extra illustrations and recordings, can gobble up battery life and devour more portable information. At this point, readers definitely maintain a strategic distance or go for the content that appears on carousal.