Wednesday, 26 September 2018

How Videos are used to Promote Your Business

The video presentation is the new medium for promoting your business. A Video-based presentation has the ability to twig into different learning styles seamlessly.

Video gives the power to visually represent real-world situations in which the concepts are taught to come into play. Video learning or video presentations are useful in bringing abstract theories into focus. Companies can develop the connection between their employee's knowledge transferred and the application. These connections chain the long-term attitude and behaviour change. Pixerio is one among the video production company in Bangalore.

Videos in general easily cater to the visual and auditory learning styles almost immaculately and simultaneously and offer an exceptional combination to engage the two prominent senses of the learners, visual and auditory. So do most of the conventional page-turner online modules with text and audio.

Some of the reasons why you should use the video to promote business are:
  1. Ease of rapid development and deployment across multiple platforms and devices
  2. Consistency with subject experts with almost all dimensions and depths
  3. Assurance of a face-to-face human texture and makes out of class learning easier by bringing     Customer Testimonials to Life
  4. Connects people worldwide with different geo locations at the same time with a wider reach
  5. Video training enables to Record Lessons for Review, this reduces the Cost for training, by allowing attendee Experience a Virtual Demo
  6. Responsible for Injecting Personality into Your Marketing Messages with Increased Customer Satisfaction and Fewer Returns
  7. Creates an Uncomplicated, Personal touch with Users
  8. Videos are more Memorable than Written Content and also an SEO Enhancer

As a corporate video production company in Bangalore become more globally focused, co-workers, are more likely to work in different places, if not on different continents. Video training can help prepare employees to excel in today’s scattered, virtual office. Video promotion gives exceptional competencies and rewards to better bonding with visitors and transforms them into customers.

Styles of a video presentation:
  1. Whiteboard Animation
  2. Motion Graphic Animation
  3. Kinetic Typography Animation
  4. Cut-out Animation& Digital Cut-out Animation
  5. Cartoon Animation
  6. Silhouette Animation
  7. Animated Music Video
  8. Live Action + Animation
  9. Stop Motion Animation
  10. Animated Stick Figures
  11. Animated Infographic
  12. Screen Capture

Pixerio is one of the reputed and known for its popularity in delivering whiteboard animation. We are one of the pioneers among whiteboard video production companies in India. We are also among the animated video production companies in Bangalore and Pan India. We also have expertise in the above mentioned styles of video animation

A video presentation is one of the media for promoting the business and can have a good Return- On -Investment compared to the other medium.