Wednesday, 9 January 2019

How A Corporate Presentation Video Can Boost Your Business

A corporate video is made particularly for your website where it can draw in your clients and persuade them, regardless of whether it is a video with respect to your organization, the services you offer or promote your website. It can focus on your website visitors, your customers, or even your investors. The more typical corporate recordings seen online are either in advertising videos, marketing recordings, a typical presentation prepared for investors or business partners, instructional recordings, data conveyance, limited time recordings, oral introductions with transparent foundations, or well-made recordings that element an on-screen character talking about the advantages and favorable circumstances of the site's administrations and items. 

A corporate video is created for a particular goal in a business to business condition and viewed only by a targeted visitor. But why Companies and Businesses are utilizing corporate video for their business or site? Here's the appropriate response.

A corporate video presentation help inform the clients or visitors, it demonstrates strategies and product benefits. Regardless of whether the video is outlining, modern or creation process, or product or service demonstration, a well-designed video will introduce a visual proof on how something is done. Visually illustrating a concept in an effective way will always have a huge impact on the target audience rather than saying the same thing over text or in other formats. 

Besides, a well-designed corporate video will enhance your validity and trust in the service you give; a corporate video demonstrates that you mean business; it demonstrates that you are fully informed regarding the most recent media and technology advancements; it demonstrates that you will consider elective or non-customary courses for advertising or correspondence; and it demonstrates that you are set up to place cash into building up your business. 

Company introductory presentations developed by video production company help to generate leads, promote products and services, works on different advertising campaigns to get visitors for your website. Business plan presentation helps you build your brand image and attract clients to your organization. You can introduce your product or service on-live or showcase product benefits in a clearer technique through the video. By uploading your video in the social media or other platforms, you can generate leads and convert them into customers.

Enhance the image of your business as branding your company is extremely imperative to attract targeted clients. The video can influence you to look great to your potential client or guests. Awing them by being a breakthrough on promoting innovation. Corporate video works a vital reason for making and keeping up the business picture of any corporate association. It is a helpful technique to impart the brand esteem and notoriety with its buyers, partners and the objective guests.

At long last, corporate video is one of the practical and compelling procedures to gain the foothold in the consumer market, promote and advertise to get publicity. Every one of us gives importance to what our eyes see and what others say about a particular brand. The corporate video is one of the capable instruments to compel your customer to see what they want to see.

Company introduction presentation prepared by corporate video production Services Company includes all essential elements that can generate leads. Top notch corporate recordings could influence the organization to emerge bigger and give cutting-edge competition. Through utilizing corporate video production company has the experience and aptitudes to make recordings that empower a compelling enthusiastic response at the individual level, with intriguing pictures, extraordinary designs, and an elegantly composed content.

What are you waiting for? Try out Corporate video production services from Pixerio! Do you still have questions? Please leave your comments in the box below and we will answer you.

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

How the Role of 3D Architectural Rendering Benefits Real Estate

The 'law of supply and demand' shows that if there is a demand for a specific product or service and the supply is low, the cost will be high. It perfectly depicts the connection between the real estate marketing and the need or interest for building renderings to help its development. Nearly in light of the fact that however, the interest for 3D architectural rendering services are relentlessly growing, studies show that there is over 12% increase in 3D rendering strategies. It is a sort of a peculiarity truly, yet who's complaining? It's a win-win situation for all parties involved.

It is a fair play to state that there's been a 3d rendering blast in the land marketing today and it could just show signs of improvement. Experts foresee that as real-estate and visualization technologies keep on growing, the market for 3D architectural animation will encounter a yearly development of 26.7%, adding up to 9.8 billion dollars by 2019. That is an enormous number, a bold prediction given by experts.

Most importantly, it is an immersive technology, which means customers get the chance to encounter directly of what it's prepared to do and what it needs to achieve. Through 3D architectural walkthroughs, potential buyers will have the capacity to explore and even experience how the task would closely resemble even before the development venture has begun. Before 3D interior renderings, real estate marketing would have to make-do or depend on customized presentations to sell the project. It's an exceptionally incapable method of doing real estate business as not exclusively does it give unique or even far-fetched desires between builders and purchasers, it additionally leaves a great deal of space for miscommunication and deception. What's more, since hand-drawn models are not intelligent and immersive, the purchasers wouldn't feel as associated with the undertaking as for when it's finished with 3D architectural animation and walkthrough rendering.

Pixerio's Exterior 3D Rendering Service 

Besides 3d architecture spares time and cash, how? It fundamentally reduces the time taken to deliver portrays and models without sacrificing the nature of the last yield. At the end of the day, it's proficient, compelling and uncommon. What more would you be able to request? With the help of 3d home design and 3d house model, you can bring quality as well quantity – a rare combination that can be merged together. What's more, on the grounds that the specialized part of the exchange has been dealt with through 3D representation, the purchasers and builders can advance and talk about business. You can't achieve this by using traditional models. Hand-drawn introductions are excessively dull, making it impossible to achieve such accomplishment. 3D rendering assists the entire procedure by many folds and you comprehend what they say, "Time is gold." And when there's gold, there's cash.

Thirdly, it's coordinated and far-reaching. This implies the technology doesn't simply give representation alone as the same computerized parts and models that you'll be utilized as a part of 3D walkthroughs can likewise be repurposed to test genuine situations and conditions and in addition in other development related purposes like arranging, administration and documentation- - it's that flexible. Furthermore, it has apparatuses effective and sufficiently serviceable to empower you to track the different phases of the task's administration lifecycle with the goal that you and your customer would be guided in like manner. Compositional rendering is only a consistent, multifunctional and proficient method for working together that is the reason it has overwhelmed the land advertise (pardon the play on words). No other strategy or system has made land marketing that much captivating and convincing as of recently, until 3D representation and rendering became.

Fourth, design rendering isn't just for a show. Of course, it's intended to allure and persuade the customers to get on board however such strategy isn't absolutely restorative or shallow. The measurements in the model are exact down to the most modest detail. Each alcove and crevice, each corner and each edge is essentially on the numbers. What's more, in light of the fact that compositional rendering is furnished with 3D geometry capacity, it is easy to represent any complex model. Above all, right from a simple arc, curve, 2-D lines or a hover to the most complex natural freestyle 3D surfaces and solids, and so on, it can do it and without compromising the precision of the last item.
3D rendering is the eventual fate of land marketing, period! It's not only an insignificant blip on a few people's radar kind of thing that would blur rapidly as it showed up. On the off chance that you haven't seen yet, it's been in the market for quite a long while now and its request has consistently expanded year in and year out. The numbers don't lie and according to the experts, not exclusively land advertise the immediate recipient of 3D rendering however its complimentary enterprises will encounter huge development (on the off chance that they haven't as of now) in light of it also. Ventures like Engineering and Architecture, Media and Entertainment, 3D Advertising and Security and Defence in addition to other things. 3D Visualization and rendering innovations are digging in for the long haul, at any rate within a reasonable time-frame whether you're prepared for it or not.

Advantages of 3D Architectural Animation and Visualization 

The following section describes the key advantages of 3D animation and perception in development and assembling enterprises:-

Get Government Approval Easily
Several structures and improvements are frequently dismissed by neighbourhood government due to the 'vulnerability' factor in the appearance. Nonetheless, with sensible, full-confirmation, and exact 3D animation and perception, you can acquire certainty and take out the vulnerability off the task to win government endorsement all the more effortlessly.

Enhanced Understanding
With sensible 3D perceptions, realistic, and animation, you can make a far-reaching recreation of the building or item in a way as it would show up continuously. This is led amid the outline stage, which makes it less demanding for you to have a superior comprehension of each floor, basic territories, scene, surfaces, and heights. In addition, you can distinguish the blemishes and issues in planning and correct the same quickly before it is being executed.

Improve Curb Appeal
It fills in as an intense marketing instrument, where awesome sensible 3D representations and animation upgrade the undertaking's style and control offer when shown in high-determination hoardings and announcements for notice. Additionally, 3D animation and representation can be utilized as a part of producing a dazzling, convincing perspective of the task that can be featured over different media, for example, site or TV. It draws in light of a legitimate concern for purchasers with the brilliant, three-dimensional show of the venture before it is being built.

Cost-sparing, Improves Operational Efficiency
3D perceptions empower you to recognize the imperfections and escape clauses in a configuration well ahead of time of development process. Along these lines, it spares you a great deal of cash which might be squandered in settling the flaws again after development. Besides, it enhances operational effectiveness since fashioners, planners, and designers have a sensible perception of the undertaking, which empowers incite and cost-proficient development. 

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

How Videos are used to Promote Your Business

The video presentation is the new medium for promoting your business. A Video-based presentation has the ability to twig into different learning styles seamlessly.

Video gives the power to visually represent real-world situations in which the concepts are taught to come into play. Video learning or video presentations are useful in bringing abstract theories into focus. Companies can develop the connection between their employee's knowledge transferred and the application. These connections chain the long-term attitude and behaviour change. Pixerio is one among the video production company in Bangalore.

Videos in general easily cater to the visual and auditory learning styles almost immaculately and simultaneously and offer an exceptional combination to engage the two prominent senses of the learners, visual and auditory. So do most of the conventional page-turner online modules with text and audio.

Some of the reasons why you should use the video to promote business are:
  1. Ease of rapid development and deployment across multiple platforms and devices
  2. Consistency with subject experts with almost all dimensions and depths
  3. Assurance of a face-to-face human texture and makes out of class learning easier by bringing     Customer Testimonials to Life
  4. Connects people worldwide with different geo locations at the same time with a wider reach
  5. Video training enables to Record Lessons for Review, this reduces the Cost for training, by allowing attendee Experience a Virtual Demo
  6. Responsible for Injecting Personality into Your Marketing Messages with Increased Customer Satisfaction and Fewer Returns
  7. Creates an Uncomplicated, Personal touch with Users
  8. Videos are more Memorable than Written Content and also an SEO Enhancer

As a corporate video production company in Bangalore become more globally focused, co-workers, are more likely to work in different places, if not on different continents. Video training can help prepare employees to excel in today’s scattered, virtual office. Video promotion gives exceptional competencies and rewards to better bonding with visitors and transforms them into customers.

Styles of a video presentation:
  1. Whiteboard Animation
  2. Motion Graphic Animation
  3. Kinetic Typography Animation
  4. Cut-out Animation& Digital Cut-out Animation
  5. Cartoon Animation
  6. Silhouette Animation
  7. Animated Music Video
  8. Live Action + Animation
  9. Stop Motion Animation
  10. Animated Stick Figures
  11. Animated Infographic
  12. Screen Capture

Pixerio is one of the reputed and known for its popularity in delivering whiteboard animation. We are one of the pioneers among whiteboard video production companies in India. We are also among the animated video production companies in Bangalore and Pan India. We also have expertise in the above mentioned styles of video animation

A video presentation is one of the media for promoting the business and can have a good Return- On -Investment compared to the other medium.

Thursday, 23 August 2018

How e-learning is beneficial to the Companies

E-learning companies target learning through digital learning /e-learning which is the most significant way of teaching/learning compared to traditional training for the organizations who’s looking to impart their training for their employees and customers. The benefit of e-learning is significantly exceeding those of personal or classroom learning. Numerous associations are swinging to figuring out how to spare cash, time, and vitality as progression and effectiveness are critical to organizations nowadays. Here's a breakdown of some of the advantages companies can pick up from actualizing online learning for their employees, and why a company should work with e-learning companies with a specific end goal to pull in top ability.

Let us have a look at some of the crucial advantages of how e-learning is beneficial to the companies.

1.      Cost Effective
It is the first point that comes that strikes to people’s mind when they hear about e-learning. Even companies also rely on e-learning development companies providers for the profitability or a good Return on Investment (ROI). Compared to the regular classroom learning. In parallel to empower their employees with new and updated skills and help them to stay competitive in the present market.

2.      Self Paced Learning
Unlike classroom learning, e-learning solutions allow people to learn the skills at their convenience and phase. When we speak about an employee working in a corporate, he/she may not have a complete free time to sit back and concentrate on building new skills.  E-learning allows everyone to learn their curriculum at their convenience. This can be one of the best reasons to integrate virtual learning in the corporate. 

3.      Increase Performance and Improved Productivity
Normally, most of the online courses have been developed by the best e-learning content development companies in Bangalore. These companies make their e-learning development services by enhancing the material is simple and interactive with rich animation, images, and info-graphics. The contents are developed with an idea of reaching a normal or a non-techie to understand the virtual classroom concepts. Moreover, to keep the learners engaged and recall the information learned, on each topic/modules are introduced with interactive assignments like drag and drop, Hotspots etc., at the end of each lesson. By this method, corporates not only save the cost on their employee training program but can also monitor how every employee is performing in the class with reports.

4.     Simple, Easy and Accessible
E-learning companies in India enhance the opportunity to create fun and engaging training courses through various deliverables like using videos, interactive slides, and gamification. These e-learning video modules development are done in the micro level learning. This micro-level learning is also called as bytes learning. These exciting features lead courses to achieve a better result and help employees to retain more of the information learned. E-learning companies in Bangalore develop the online courses

Unlike the traditional classroom, e-learning has got a special place. 
Every learner learns the accessed courses in the same way, even though the course material is consistent. E-learning content development service provides in Bangalore allows each individual learner to control at his/her own pace for each of the course. Users can also access the course in a multi-device environment with more favorable to their learning style e-learning has ample of Benefits like high-quality deliveries. Employees can have more effective training experience through the interactive and just in time approach for the content. E-learning modules are apparently very cost effective compared to face to face training. The course can be learned at users own phase and time. Finally, it has a high profit and good Return on Investments.

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Role of 3D technology in Healthcare industry.

One of the top challenges faced by the present medical and healthcare industry is in finding a simple method to impart fundamental medical data. As an ever increasing number of mysteries are being found about the human body, there is an expanding need to pass on those revelations to wider audience who are keen to know about human body - - it comprises of both medical experts and average people. However, this data had given a way to utilize cutting edge innovation. With the entry of 3D and 2D animation, medical and healthcare industry has seen a huge change and development when compared to its traditional working process.

Here in this blog, we will concentrate on how 3D medical animation has changed the course of the healthcare industry. In further sections, you will come across various key advantages that have been granted to the present healthcare industry by 3D animation innovation. All thanks to 3D visualization service providers! These advantages will enable you to see how animation innovation passes on data with the assistance of 3D outlines and pictures. In the first section, we will discuss about the importance of 3D technology in medical industry.

As we all know, today 3D animation services is just not limited for education industry, but is has spread its wings to businesses, medical industry to name a few. In medical industry, 3D Animation helps a lot in understanding complex medical methods through animated recordings. The benefits of well-designed medical animation have been proven compelling, and convey an extraordinary advantage to medical advertising and training endeavors.

Cutting-edge 3D modelling and animation offers a few favorable circumstances. These presentations can graphically abridge confused ideas and pass on challenging concepts, which are hard to picture. Ideas and thought scan bespoken into words or even through delineations, can be effortlessly made and seen from various points.

Advantages of 3D Animation in Medical Industry

3D Animations can educate and convince

A noteworthy motivation behind why medical or healthcare industry is getting enamoured with animation illustrations is its ability to ignite interest and influence people. 3D medical animation can educate and impact a targeted group of individuals which comprises of both medical experts and patients.

3D animation can disentangle complex data

Medical and healthcare industry includes some extremely complex terms that are far beyond the common man mind's understanding. Notwithstanding, 3D medical animation can comprehend this issue by streamlining even the most complex arrangement of data utilizing animated illustrations and pictures.

3D animation can make data available anytime anywhere

Another incredible advantage of 3D medical animation innovation is its simplicity of accessibility and availability. Such interactive content is composed particularly for the specific set of people. Likewise, they are accessible online which makes it considerably less demanding to get to. Individuals can watch such animation or illustrations anywhere, anytime,irrespective of their area or the gadget they are utilizing.

3D animation brings appeal and fun

Understanding an unpredictable medical technique or treatment with the assistance of fun and intelligent illustrations is extremely energizing. It keeps your ideas clean and makes you more learned about the methodology or treatment.

Patient Education

Sometimes only words can't clarify the unpredictable components of the human body. Indeed, here is the place an expert medical animation attempts to address the difficulty. A 3D energized video can represent inner procedures that can't be seen with the stripped eye. As opposed to a 2D representation or photo, a 3D picture or video introduces the human body in powerful detail, permitting inside and out perception. Numerous medical associations are currently settling on 3D medical recordings to portray their treatment strategies. It's actual, "A Picture worth of Thousand Words." Most patients don't have medical training, so a fast 3D video of a surgery can tell significantly over an hour of meeting.

Professional Training

A 3D animation can likewise be utilized as an educational tool for medical research and training. Specialists can review animations as they prepare for their fortes. It likewise enables them to represent ideas, medical hypotheses, treatment forms, point by point life systems, physiology, and other health related regions through medical recreations in an intelligent way. The complexities of science can be explained with a 3D medical introduction. 3D is a viable that shows surgical methods and pharmacological Mechanisms of Action (MOA) to educate both professionals and patients.

Internet Marketing

These days individuals depend on the Internet to scan for everything; a medical request is no special case. Patients regularly check the internet before talking with a doctor. Clinics and surgery focuses fusing instructive medical recordings into their showcasing and web-based social networking destinations support their name acknowledgment and notoriety among existing and forthcoming patients. The medical animation industry is developing and it has turned into an effective medium for healthcare correspondence. Exact animation requires 3D specialists that interface with medical assembling organizations and healthcare experts to make top of the line 3D visuals.

So here were some entrancing advantages of 3D medical animation to the present healthcare industry that everybody should think about. In the event that you are a piece of this industry and anticipating propelling new thought or item soon, give an attempt to this new animation representation innovation.

There are numerous innovative and expert animation organizations that can enable you to convey your plan to reality utilizing shrewd animation outlines and pictures. In addition, you will get a chance to carry your agenda into the spotlight at a profoundly reasonable cost. So what are you waiting for? Hire an expert 3D rendering company who has expertise in offering effective 3D medical animation services.

Why Approach 3D Animation Service Providers?

In the event that you are associated with the medical world and need any sort of medical animation then the best way to get these services is to approach experienced 3D animation company that offers a wide range of 2D and 3D animation videos and services.

You can enjoy numerous advantages if you look professional guidance from expert animation service providers who work on get medical animation. These are:

With the help 3D animation makers, you can get any type of animated video suitable for any purpose; be it for educating, promoting, dissecting, learning of surgical systems and different applications that need a well ordered direction and legitimate specialized portrayals.

The expert 3D animation studios have medical experts as their 2D and 3D medical animation master group who work perseveringly to make the most staggering visual expressions that bring out point by point line required for any piece of the life systems for an official portrayal.
The studio will have experienced writers, team managers, capable artists and loads of well-trained and qualified medicos who strive to realize exceptionally specific animation in 3D and 2D delineations. Each professionally made animation is so life like that it turns out to be amazingly simple for every one of the individuals who examine point by point human anatomical structures and medical methodology that are represented in the video.

Since approaching expert 3D animation studios in Bangalore gives medical animation in a professional and creative way, it will undoubtedly give highly compelling outcomes, it generally helps on the off chance that you make the correct stride and get the best finished result. The final result is a gem which allows all prospective medicos and others to contemplate the complexities of surgical strategies in an amplified and less demanding way.

You will have the capacity to pass on your message to the prospective medical group of in an excited way.

Thursday, 14 December 2017

How Google AMP Project Affecting On Mobile Search And SEO.

It is a known fact that on October 2015 Google has announced AMP as an open standard for advertisers, which help pages get loaded on mobile phones at a lightning speed. With the launch of Google AMP, an immediate need raised for companies to make their mobile website AMP compliant. According to various researches, since AMP’s official roll out, over 2 billion document over web has been made AMP compliant, earlier it was just 600 million. Besides, it has been noted that domains, which consists of AMP Web Pages has also increased to 900,000 including major domain names such eBay, Word Press to name a few.

Pros and Cons of Google AMP
Ø  Mobile content loads at a lightning speed which acts as a plus point to many web design companies
Ø  The mobile content may appear in a special carousal during organic search. This factor is essential for web design service providers
Ø  One of the important factors for mobile natural search results is "mobile friendliness" and you can't get friendlier than AMP.
Ø  Implementation of the changes required to make your mobile content "AMP friendly" is fairly mild.

Ø  It should be noted that the load time doesn’t affect the page ranking. So if you are expecting a better page ranking, your expectations will go vain
Ø  You need to have an elite team who need to implement the right strategy; otherwise effort towards utilizing this benefit can’t be noticed. Sometimes, hiring a talented web design agency works better who understand the importance of Google updates and know when and where to implement the same
Ø  One should note that all content do not work for AMP. For instance, if your website is completely focused on videos and contains less content, even after implementing AMP, your webpage still takes time to load

How Does AMP Affects SEO

Greater click-through rate: If your content is shown in the carousel, it will have substantially higher reach, which will improve the probability of a reader visiting your site. Getting visitors to your website is a makes you win half of the batter, and the carousel will positively help with that.

Increased Brand Control: When content is shown in the carousel, it instantly gives readers the feeling that it is of high calibre – for why else would Google show at the highest point of their SERP?
In the event that you get your content showed on the carousel, you'll help enhance your brand’s power, which builds trust instantly. Trust is, obviously, imperative to catch your leads.

A greater increase in ad click through rate: As your AMPed content has more perspectives and due to the brand expert that being shown in the carousel; readers are substantially more influenced to tap on the promotions on your AMP pages than on non-AMP pages.

Enhanced User Experience
Despite the fact that cell phones have been around throughout recent years, the online experience can in any case be truly spotty. More than 50 percent of businesses are performed on mobile – and a significant number of those pursuits are performed locally while on the run.
Individuals using smart phones don't have a similar time available to access a website as individuals sitting before desktops. This implies they are more likely to go to a site and hold up more than a couple of moments for it to stack.

By executing AMP and getting content showed in the carousel, users can access your website instantly with a very less and this can act as or cash point for many businesses. In the event that they like what they find in the carousel, at that point they can visit your actual website.
Eliminating stacking time is the main advantage that enhances client portable experience. Websites that aren't optimized for mobile use will take an unending length of time to stack and will be shown dishonorably on littler screens.

Going by these locales, which might stack extra illustrations and recordings, can gobble up battery life and devour more portable information. At this point, readers definitely maintain a strategic distance or go for the content that appears on carousal.